Mission Committee

Mission Statement
Our mission is to serve God by serving others, both actively and monetarily, in our church, in our community and throughout the world.

The Mission Committee is responsible for coordinating all mission projects for the church - both local and national. They also serve as community liaisons to determine how to better serve the needs of the community. Mission will also handle other related projects as the need arises.

Membership shall include a member of Session as chairperson. Members of the congregation are welcome to join. The teaching elder may be asked to serve in an advisory capacity.

Mission Support
Trinity provides budgeted financial support for Presbyterian Outreach programs as well asbudgeted financial support and volunteer support to many local community programs. Besides our normal mission budget we have Special Offerings every month to provide the opportunity for our congregation to give extra financial support to special programs as they feel led.

Refer to our calendar of Special Offerings on our Info Center link.